ActivEd is dedicated to providing information to the public about the health, financial and environmental benefits of using alternate means of transportation and conserving energy sources. Our organization is dedicated to encouraging the people of Hawaii to be more active. We request the opportunity to present information to your employees that would show them the health and financial benefits of walking, riding a bike or using public transportation to get to and from work. This can benefit your business by giving you a healthier more energetic workforce and perhaps allowing more parking for your customers.


Promote the use of alternate means of transportation


Health Benefits

Bicycling reduces your stress and improves your health. Bicycle commuters get to work on time more often, and are often happier and more productive employees.


Economic Benefits

Bicycling saves you money: The cost of operating a car for one year is approximately $5,170. The cost of operating a bicycle for a year is only $120 (League of American Bicyclists,


Environmental Benefits

If one out of 10 car commuters would switch to walking or biking, we’d reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25.4 million tons a year. (



Bicycling commuting resources in Hawaii

Educate and assist the community in environmentally beneficial pursuits